A Jumbled Up Gmod: Episode 1

I have no clue what happened to the video quality. And there are some parts which I know for a fact are just plain dumb, but enjoy anyhow.

Gmod idiot box remake?
But i give it 4 and a half/5

I wouldn’t say it was a remake, I strayed away from Das Bo Schitt’s ideas as far as possible.

But it kinda still looks like it.

I used similar techniques.

I’d say 3.5/5 because it isn’t SO dump as I expected

Oh cool.


Too many people attempting to copy ICTON and Das Bo Schitt.

Copy? They did not invent Gmod movies, who says that I copied? Name a single idea that I used of theirs?

It’s just the whole nonsensical random skits consisting of the usual internet memes and ragdolls flopping around to audio from movies. It’s not a terrible Machinima, It’s just an idea that’s been done to death.

Also that O_O face got really annoying.

The “bzzz” heavy idea was probably the most original… Some scenes were OK, but seriously, the limb spazzing ragdolls is something so over-used ever since some of the first gmod versions…

The O_O face was initially a place holder for something else, but I’m a lazy bastard so I just left it.

Also the Louis part, I know for a fact, that Louis and his pills are infact a meme, and you may murder me for using it.

Though I do have to admit the typical style of random Gmod machinima has changed a bit ever since DasBoSchitt came into the limelight, DasBoSchitt was not the creator of random humor. This genre has been going on for years before DasBoSchitt’s videos came into existence. Calling every random Gmod machinima a Gmod Idiot Box duplicate is only going to make you look like a total fanboy. Besides, this video doesn’t seem to relate at all to the famous Idiot Box series.

On topic of criticism, try source recorder or registered Fraps if the quality seems to shit when uploading to YouTube. Don’t use construct maps as a setting, and improve a bit in humor.

I think what I said was misinterpreted a little. I don’t even like The Gmod Idiot Box. What I mean is that there are countless Garry’s Mod machinimas that follow that kind of style. I used The Idiots of Garry’s Mod and The Gmod Idiot Box as examples because everyone knows them whether they like them or not. I don’t mean it’s a direct rip-off of an individual Random Gmod Skit video, I’m talking about the general concept of a Random Skit done in Gmod kinda’ video. Random Gmod skits are done so often, the concept is becoming a little stale is all. I’m not trying to say their bad or terrible attempts and videos.

I’ll try Source Recorder at some point. Thanks for the advice anyhow.