A katana gorefest!


Yeah… Bloody.

It truly is.
Have a heart.

Hard to see what is going on and the gore seems quite random. It looks cool but it doesn’t seem to have any real source or explanation; just a bunch of blood brushes.
Sparks are cool.
Lasers are quite nice but are too solid. The way they are glowing hugely from the source is odd.
Some motion-blur would help the characters and objects feel more real and add a sense of fast-paced melee to the picture.
That’s a strange way of holding a katana.

Out of interest, was this in any way inspired by my picture?

Psh it doesn’t need and real source or explanation

they exploded from


*Actually nevermind I just saw his arm in the way

They aren’t holding the katana weird or something, and it was inspired by some picture of an neo tokio guy holding a katana, if you made it, yes. And they aren’t blood brushes. + none of them are random they are spraying from a cut or are following the sword’s way.

I can’t see any cuts. Also, if they’re not blood brushes… what are they? Reference pictures? Same difference. Regardless, a lot of the spray is pretty random like on the right; the direction and the way it is spreading out is impossible.

He is holding the katana weirdly.

Huh ? where o.o


They are there, but covered in blood so they are rather invisible. And no they are custom made blood decals mixed with some texture pictures.

lol nevermind’

his arm was just dark and mixed in with the blood

What did I spell wrong?

I personally like it. I find the gore to be very stylized [Like a Quentin Tarantino Anime] but I still think the glow around the laser sights should be toned down a bit.

The only major flaw I see is the sword seems to be pointing the wrong way. The horizontal blood spurt crossing the middle of the image indicates the blade is going from left to right but the blade is faced to go right to left. Perhaps a little blur behind the sword could help the viewer see what is moving which way.

Good job mosquito. I’d love to get my hands on those models.

Ah, great looking, i didn’t even think of that! :o

it’s great i love it :smiley: wallpaper’d

Extremely gore… I like it.

Great! :slight_smile:

The spark looks great.

Uma Thurman would be proud, Mos

You and those awesome gore skills.

Bloody hell man, you like blood.

That is bloody… GRARGHH! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! Were are the guys with katanas from?