A Keyblade Weapon

Hey I thought that somebody could make a keyblade weapon from Kingdom Hearts
It would just be the Kingdom Key, cause its the most basic one and not too detailed.
Heres som pics for it.


If this is in the wrong place, im sorry cause I am basically new to posting.

So I hope you guys could agree how awesome this would be!

This have to be in request section.
Also the keyblade has already been done. If you can’t find it I can upload for you a “pack” I made collecting models from KH; I have more than 10 models.

Are yuo sure?
I couldnt find the weapon that can be used.
like not a model that ppl made, i mean like an actual weapon that can be used
or it that what u have?

Model requests go to the requests subforum. Try to pay more attention in future, thanks. :slight_smile:

Alright I will

both your reference images “can not be found”

OHHH you want a weapon that can be used? To kill NPCs and shit?

Well then you must go to the Lua section on the sub-forum “Request”, there explain what you want, and if you have models of said weapons link them there so you make job of the Coders easier.

Oh I already did that.
They said to come here to find the models or something.
Heres pics if the others didnt work


PM Seibitsu, he appereantly got the models.
(Tell him to show you ingame screenshots of them as proof tho)


he doesnt want the model i dont think, he like many i know wants it in an actual usable weapon :stuck_out_tongue: im currently trying to make one of it but weapon animations arnt my best suit if you know what i mean so temporarily im just replacing the crowbar model :stuck_out_tongue: but soon ill be making it into an actual blade type weapon :stuck_out_tongue: just wait a few days and ill make it for you and if it works ill send you the upload

You are awesome.
Thats all I have to say.
No but seriously.
You rule.

you too. in my opinian anyone that likes Kingdom Hearts is a freind of mine :slight_smile: ill have the crowbar version of the kayblade ready for upload soon then ill look for a good sword tool and do the same thing :slight_smile: by the end of the weekend i should have you ready with a decent keyblade weapon. im not very good at making weapons from scratch but sometime after this weekend i plan on at least trying to make the keyblade with the actual animations from the game which will be awesome.

btw, add me on steam im name is still MageMaster and if you need any other weapons or KH2 stuff that is within my ability of adapting for what you need then id be glad to do so

Alright awesome thanks man.
My steam name is Zimfan508

Keyblade would be pretty awesome.

It would

oh magemaster can you give me the skin my steam user is sparching

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Pm the user next time.

its for have more friends and more help

That sentence doesn’t make any sense in this context.