A kid inside his fort.

His box fort. :smug:


Boxes were a dick to stack.


Bonus. [media]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/gm_construct001516.jpg

PS: I expect boxes. And nothing but boxes.

I have some more boxes to give him.

Good pose by the way!

If I get 50 boxes, I will double the forts size and post a new screenshot.

To help you stack:


“Get tha fuck out of my box fort Mom!”
What I instantly thought of.
have a funny


nvm, read the last part, have a box instead :buddy:




Stacker tool was one of my favorite for making my cargo crate bases on onslaught maps.

rated box!
I want to see the a whole box citadel!

80 views but only 13 boxes? Don’t you people want to fulfill Santz wish?

You has 18 boxes

Contribute boxes.
Do it for the box fort. Screw the kid :v:

A box for more boxes.

It’s going to be hell when those boxes fall on top of that kid.


It’s going to be hell when those boxes fall on top of that kid…

If I hit 75 boxes, he will be crushed. 18 more for a castle guys.

I’ll help in the boxing.

Masterly uninteresting and boring. And the splendid bonus… Oh man. Gave you box. Want to see the big box fort.

I’m doubling up. 15 more boxes, and I’ll even add a new prettier bonus.

4 more guys…C’mon!

Automerge broke?

3 boxes left!?
3 BOXES! :smiley:

3 more.

And nice posing.