a kind of bug?


I’m playing on Frankfurt1, while i was roaming with rocketlunchers in our base, lots of antihack messages i receieved. in GMT+2 time zone at between 19.20-19:35.
My name is JayJay, my steam profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/macakizi26
Could u check it pls. I dont wanna get ban from the game.
Thank you.

Antihack messages dont usually mean youre hacking, youre glitching in nullreference zones sometimes. this happens often when youre stuck or in spots where you shouldnt be.

Thank you SulliG99, but i wasn’t stuck somewhere, i was in our base and there is no spot for stucking :frowning:
I think there is problem with rocketlunchers, if heard a problem with that from a player, if u go close some walls with rocketlunchers antihack messages receving.

Shot a couple rockets when they hit i got spammed ANTIHACK!