A Kraken Attacks a Bridge During Heavy Traffic or What has science done?...again!

I had a fairly good idea going and the outcome was satisfactory to my tastes. As per tradition I will now proceed to bitch, complain, and make excuses for my flaws.

Firstly, it got difficult to take a good shot that encompasses the scene because I couldn’t find more than one angle and because the monster is just so fucking huge!

Second, my game crashes on particular maps when I do Super Depth of Field as some of you may know aswell. This map so happen to be one them. Therefore, I had to do the blurring by hand. Since I am a sneaky fucker I hid any possible blurring flaws under a layer of raidal blur.

Third the title ‘What has science done?..again!’ is a reference to a picture under a similar name I did long time ago. I guess I could consider this the second in that series.


to be honest the radial blur is bad and detracts from the picture which could be great otherwise

just saying

I thought it’d be better than people only pointing out the blurring flaws.

I didn’t save a .PSD (the one time I don’t I need one) so I’ll probably do it again. If I don’t fall asleep.

Where can I get this model?

Turok model pack someplace on garrysmod.org.

There, incase you or any other chap has not found it yet.

Blur is a bit annoying, but a nice cam angle. Looks scary enough.
Kraken is well posed.

Kraken is a fish? I thought it was a giant squid.

Aww, it looks like it wants to give everyone on the bridge a big hug. :3:

A Kraken is a monster from Norse mythology that was a massive sea creature, it was so big that I think that longboats would stop at the parts of it that were poking above water thinking they were islands, only to have the kraken dive deeper and drown everyone. But a lot of monsters have been described as a “kraken” and descriptions liken it not only to an octopus or squid but also to a crab or spider.

Nice pic, but overblured.

This is a bit of both. As the tentacles imply. :v:

The Kraken where seen as sea monsters of gargantuan size and said to have dwelt off the coasts of Norway and Iceland.

They also appear in Greek mythology, but originates from northern mythology. Why can’t they invent their own monsters and leave ours alone:bahgawd:

Alright, you showed me. But I still think it’s a squid.

Tentacles where added later. And why not. Tentacles are cool. Krakens where living islands at first, and just as big.

Release the Kraken!

Ok first thing I thought of was it saying “Oh heeeey” in the voice of that gay guy on Family Guy.

Well, first thing I though of was putting my finger into ass and making a Vuvuvuzela sound. Then I though it isn’t good idea, so I’ve put it into my cat’s ass. Unfortunately, it havent made a Vuvuzela sound.

Gosh, Did i just said that? :V

At least picture looks great… I guess… Too blurry in my opinion.


honestly ben your editing style does not fit the mood of any of your pictures other than the vort ones

learn to do something different and start adding more details to apply a gritty feel and less like wonderworld and you’d be good to go