A.L.P.H.A. (Brought to you by Mechoidia!)

This might be a small series. This picture is the “sequel” to S.I.G.M.A.




Nothing I can do about the brightness rape. Looks like crap if I go any darker.


Looks like a drawing, me likes.

Glad you do! Back up everybody.

wow, nice. I didn’t think the brightness was annoying at all.

Thank god!

looks pretty nice, good job

Thank you!

The gun kinda sticks out like it was pasted on there

I see what you mean.

Posing is good

concept is alright (if you’re going to make it a “series” at least add some more depth or something to it to make it more interesting)

editing is pretty terrible. It looks like you took the picture in a low resolution like 1024 and then blew it up and then applied a really thick unsharp mask on to it. It’s all pixely and gross. The entire right side of the image is absolutely unnecessary, too. I understand you were trying to make it a desktop like picture but the rule of thirds was absolutely avoided. If you placed him in the center it’d look far more like he was in empty vastness but now it looks like he’s crunched up near a wall.

I thought that editing was good personally. I did do a pretty thick unsharp mask though. Thanks for the criticism.


I know this sounds weird, but I thought it looked pretty good in terms of resolution. I wanted him to have a really snowy/frosty look.

The unsharp mask is absolutely fine until you realize that the majority of the textures used on that model are insanely low resolution and that any kind of sharpening ruins it.

If you want to sharpen a picture, I strongly recommend you do it ingame.

This thread pretty much explains how. But keep in mind that I enhanced the textures on everything so mine would naturally look different than yours.


It looks very cool, and a good use of effects\filters\ect