A lack of resources in outlying regions

To put this thread simply … I can’t seem to find any sign of resources after a couple of days travel away from spawn .

After getting on rust today I decided to do a little exploring , so I grabbed a armful of food , wood and other resources and followed the coast . Some time later I noticed that there was a lack of animals , ore , woodpiles and anything other than trees for that matter , thinking nothing of it I carried on my journey .
A few in game days later there are still no animals or resources .

Is this common ? , is there any reason behind it ? because it seems that beyond the areas you directly spawn there is a substantial lack of resources .

I know to at least one other player currently in this situation too , which probably makes it less likely that I am just in a large blank spot .

I’m as far as I know on the east coast ( presuming the Sun rises in the east. ) and on the Washington server

I am with Jabermony on this. I have traveled from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast and have seen nothing for days. No resource nodes, no animals, houses, zombies, radiation etc. I have been traveling for over 7days and 7nights.

I like Jaber set out to find some good areas but there is nothing… I am on the washington server also.

We’re going to fix it and make it all procedural in the coming weeks

Ohh , I thought that might be the case .
So in the meantime , should I try and head back to civilization ? (or anarchy , whatever you call it)
Or would there be a better plan than doing that ?

All hail Helk, our only true god.

I guess it’s time to just kill myself and loose all my supplies. I have no idea where I am and I am about out of food. Great…

This is probably a wrong, and box worthy question, but will they spawn depending on where players are or just extra resource locations?