A Leader of Resistance resists against invader's tank


Inspired from Tiananmen Square protests of 1989


This is not my best. but plz enjoy it :slight_smile:

Looks really nice, but the lightning on Bill looks pale
Especially around his shoulders

I just really dislike the gray highlights

Poor bill’s sacrificing himself again.

Now Bill’s hat should’ve increased in worth even more

I don’t know what it is- the contrast perhaps- but Bill looks absolutely terrible. Other than that the picture looks fairly nice


the only complaint I have is that the headlights look very pasted on

This leader of resistance chosen a pretty strange way to resist.

Super gray highlights.

The Map looks like Crysis 2. Would it be?

It’s just a pasted background. Can’t you see that alien metal gut (or whatever it is) standing vertically?

If that’s how they resist, then the resistance is pretty screwed.

Never mind them good old Soviets can kill locals if they feel too threatened…

Bill looks awful. Never do that again.

Either that or the pistol in his holster is giving him away…