A Left 4 Dead 2 voice menu

Simple.You saw the Team Fortress 2 voice menu board.Now we need a Left 4 Dead 2 voice menu board too.

Like in Left 4 Dead 2,it will appear in the center and get taunt/yes/no,etc.
I need Nick at the moment,so that would be the most useful in this case.
I’m sure it will be easy.

You mean, exactly as the menu appears in L4D2? Or just a small panel with a list of things to say?

Somewhat like that.Could also be the small panel.

Is anyone going to make it?

It would be very hard, and take some time, but i’m currently pre-occupied with some other coding, sorry, but when I finish it, and no-one else has done it, I will see what I can do


It’s not really hard, you just need to make buttons or something emit sound.

No, but he wants in it the exact same spherical shape as the L4D2 voice menu.

Nono,could be also a “radio” menu like in CS:S