A Letter to Gary and the Developers

Let me start off by saying that I really like this game, and I think that it has all of the qualities of being highly successful amongst some of the other titles out there today. I also realize that it is in a very early stage of development, although the playability is superior to other titles of the same genre in their earlier stages of development. A lot of people complain about the PVP and I will admit that after getting killed 20 or 30 times as a new spawn, it starts to piss you off quite a bit. I even tried out the PVE server, but it lacks the fear of danger that you get when you are out gathering. It also lacks the ability to defend yourself against raiders that can walk right past you and steal everything you have. I especially am a fan of the Sleeper servers, I think that this element has some real potential. The only problem I have with this game and some of the others like it, is the fact that the rampant duping is making the game unplayable and ruining the experience for legitimate players. It is turning people off that have been loyal to your project from the beginning. A lot of the people I play with have already given up, and said that they wasted there money and are chalking it up as a loss. Saying that this game is no different than the others, and I too am having second thoughts of continuing play the game in the state that it is in at the moment. My friends and I had built a rather large dwelling on one of the Sleeper servers and we returned to it last night to find that 3 doors and 37 walls had been blown off of the structure and of course, all of our belongings taken. Luckily with the unstable state of the servers lately, due to the DDOS activity, our sleepers must not have been visible. The amount of Explosive Charges it would take to do this damage would go well into the hundreds, and this is a clear example of how duping is destroying what you have worked so hard to achieve. I hope you realize that things like this are going on and the affect it is posing on your player/fan base. I know it is a work in progress, but testing in an environment with issues like this is almost impossible. I hope that there is a plan to tackle this issue in the near future. Please respond, and please do not Ban me for this post.

Thank you for your time and understanding,
Emaxxxxxxxxxx (Eric)

Hi Eric,

I understand your frustration and I think everyone in this forum has rage quit over all the things you mentioned in the post above. I don’t think Garry is turning people off this project and I don’t think your friends should just abandon the game due to the early development frustration. It’s always better if you offer up achievable ideas to the developer which will help the Rust game and community rather than thread after thread of issues.

On another note… It seems the team are doing a lot code pushes and server wipes. An idea I have is to have a Stable Release Server and a Testing Server. I understand there are limited servers(which I would love to support if hosting was around $50 per month) but I think with this methodology people would be acceptable with the testing server going down every other day. Any code changes would go to the Testing Server and only major releases would deployed to the stable servers after a few weeks of testing. NOTE: For all I know, Gary and team could already be doing this.