A letter to Mr.Newman

I’m sorry to bother you but I want to ask you a favor on behalf of the old time Garry’s Modders.
If you will be so kind as to read this letter then I would be very happy and trouble you no more.
We wish for you to release the old Garry’s mod, the one with the source engine, and call it
Garry’s mod: source. We know this is a really big thing to ask but if you will continue reading I will tell you how it will benefit you and your original fan base(“The old time Gmodders”).
This also helps people who can’t buy your high requirement game because of their limited budget and low end computers.

This is a quote from The U.S. Census Bureau “The number of people in poverty in 2009 (43.6 million) is the largest number in the 51 years for which poverty estimates have been published.”
its 2011 now(Happy New year!) and these numbers have grown higher, the U.S population as of today(Jan 1, 2011) is 310,564,160 and %50 have no idea what Gmod is, so that’s an opportunity to expand and get a little extra cash, that is if you release Gmod: source.

Now to explain why its not that much of a “bugger”.
Gmod: source(short for Garry’s mod: source, but I think you already knew that.)
is completely community driven so you don’t even have to take care of it!
You can set up a team for it!
And it will all be community driven(I don’t mean let facepunch maul it).
This will help you get back on the good side of the people that got ripped off!

Its a win/win situation you expand and get more money, the old time Gmodders are happy and all of the poor people will be able to play once more!

So please take this into consideration, sleep on it, that’s all we ask.

Signed; Theguy, the old time Gmodders and everyone else who supports.

PS: We hope to hear a reply from you and wish you a Happy New Year.

The whole “people are too poor” thing doesn’t add up.

First of all, they’ve got a PC that’s capable of running GMod. That wasn’t free. Secondly they have an internet connection. That’s not free. Thirdly, to run the free version they have a Source Engine game. That wasn’t free either.

It’s $10. Not $1000.

My internet costs £17/m. GMod costs £3

On the holiday offer it’s -50% :>

if you even can’t buy Gmod you don’t deserve to play it.

There are loads of games that costs more than 30 bucks and are a “success”

Black Ops is an example

Garry’s Mod, is exactly that. a Mod. i wouldn’t expect it to be labeled “Source”

Fire Arms: Source
Sven Coop: Source
Black Mesa: Source

perhaps I should rephrase, People who didn’t have money to upgrade to a higher end pc.

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are you going to consider? please, It would make all the difference in the world. just sleep on it for a day or not even but just try and think of the possibilities it could have, then I will bug you no more.

Garrysmod isn’t that demanding tbh

You know that it is only a mod? you will need another source game befor you can run it, and that cost money to (:

I’m confused is he trying to say Gmod now isn’t on the source engine? It’s still on the source engine, just an updated version of it. So calling it Gmod:Source makes no damn sense

ignore them please.

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It no longer runs source it runs ep1

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look whatever it runs its still high end.

I’ve run both TF2 and pre-OB CSS and both of them are incredibly similar in specs, from what I’ve noticed. I get maybe 2-3 FPS less in an OB engine game than Source.

You’re making it to be a bigger deal than it is.

Releasing the earlier versions of GMod in a working state probably requires a lot more work than you think, work which would be done for free and wouldn’t be profitable. And “the other free version” could steal sales away from the current GMod.

Gaming is an expensive hobby, a luxury even. Go mow some lawns or get a job.

I’m trying to help all those people who can’t pay for upgrades and for the old time Gmodders that miss playing the old way.

what the fuck are you talking about

the reason garry only commented on the price is because that’s the only part of your post that was even remotely comprehensible

I am both.

im crying. we are gonna be poor. oh fuck oh fuck i need to email garry and demand a refund

Gmod now runs the Orange Box source engine aka an updated version of source. It’s still the source engine, just with more improvements such as new shaders (phong mapping, ssbumpmaps), particle (info_particle_system, particle editor), and lights (dynamic lights for the flashlight). It’s still the Source Engine

Please understand that ep1 is not an engine, it’s a video game.