A licker about to eat the crap out of a marine



(ignore light sources they’re evil the shadows aren’t wrong! :ohdear:)


Picture is good overall, nice usage of colors and grudge look

“This is the worst haunted house amusement I’ve ever been in?”

Also what game is that licker thing from?

My mind read that as “A crapper about to lick the crap out of a marine” :v: Good posing.

How do you not know? Anyway, Resident Evil.


Wrong! That clearly appears to be the Spencer mansion but the licker wasn’t introduced until RE2 where Leon Kennedy first encountered one in the Raccoon City police department!

I just loaded up a cool looking creepy ‘hidden’ map…

And it’s from RE5 to be specific.

http://s-low.info/forum/ << some pretty cool stuff there.

Yup thats a Licker ß. Infused with part of a virus and Las Plagas.
Anyway nice picture, I just don’t like where the tongue gets blocky in some of the bends.

Now see, why can’t Xenomorphs do that with their Little Mouth? It would make the much more effective.

Maybe the Licker has a long tongue to compensate for no tail.

And the title is pretty lewd, or my mind is dirty. Very good pose regardless of what this old chap babbles on about.

I never said it wasn’t a good pose. But I didn’t play RE5. I though that licker looked weird.

(I have only played 0-4 plus the others but not RE5)

I read it as “A licker about to eat the crap of a marine.”


I agree dragosh1! Or atleast when you grab-kill whatever from a ceiling it should do a switf tail through the chest or something… (We’re talking avp3 right?)

No way me too!
Oh and also Hunterdnrc took your avatar but trans’d it.

Considering in RE5 they can impale you with their tongue and kill you in seconds, I would say yeah.

He took my Steam avatar too!

Nice, looking map, name please?

hdm_decay or something… Got it with The Hidden:Source beta4b installer

That’s hot.

I expected something nsfw… VERY nsfw.