A light that changes colour every 3 seconds?

I want make a disco light, it changes every 3 second Blue-Red-White and continues with same colours.
And every time the light would stop too, so it would change colour and go off and on off and on and change color. How do I make this?

3 light_dynamic
turn them on and off in order

What shall be that entity that does it automatically?

logic auto to start the sequence at map star and then do it off the I/O sequence

Can’t you do up to 6 on any face?

Dynamic light doesn’t really have a max afaik, it just loads up the processor. There is a maximum number of baked lightstyles on anyone face, yes, but that comes from static light.

Can’t you just use a single light_static and constantly override it’s color values with a new set out of three?

Static. Look it up.