A lighter

I request a flip lighter like a zippo with a flipping animation when u get it out and maybe a flame plz you will get credit. im making a lighter swep.

I don’t know if this helps anyone but in the fpsb they have a zippo lighter in the dev hub if it helps any modelers I would love to see this as well.

Yeah I need a gmod mdl and stuff. But yeah ill work on it when I get the model.

Here is a very very VERY detailed model of a zippo. Its uncompiled, it isnt rigged. Just two smds files. Do what you must with it, I dont care. All I did was rip it off a sketchup model. But then I realized Im such a noob theres noway Ill be able to compile and texture it, so I decided to do you some good and post it here. TADA!

this will be fun for all you arsonists out there. . .

Once I figure out how to properly do this I will pm you, going pretty good so far :P.

that would be great when finished

Hmm. This SWEP you speak of could be useful for me, if it gave off clientside light.

In that props pack there is a zippo model.

Pics(Sorry… the quality is shit I know)


I want.

Just to let you guys know I have 0 experience in lua coding, if I do manage to learn all this and finish the model it will not function until someone makes it.


here’s one of the animations I have made, :confused: its going pretty good, its much smoother in max, and I still have to make the wrist move.

edit, should have edited my above post! sorry no ban hammer please :o

i would try and code it it looks great so far

Okay, been up fer awhile trying it on and off and heres what I have so far.

Idle hands

opening lighter

open idle hold

preparing to throw


Edit: Just so you know the left hand will not be there when its finished :stuck_out_tongue:

ps the weird wrist looking animations were not suppose to be like that, that will be fixed.

Omg thats great, I want this:D

the lighter should come with a can of lubricant for a flamethrower use too

I plan on making this one just a lighter, then making a different one and using the left hand for an aresol can or something around those lines.

Seems like a good plan

sorry for a bump but any progress?