A limit on camp fires

Just a suggestion not sure if its already been posted about but im lazy and if this is the case then i’m deeply sorry:zoid:. Please can you try and limit the amount of camp fires each player is able to create to something reasonable and then if a player moves on or decides to create an extra fire the first fire they created could be removed from the game and so on. even the option to destroy camp fires would be great, or maybe even streamline the particle effect generated by them.
At the moment they are probably about the most graphically intensive thing in rust and with the sheer amount of lit campfires littering the EU server less than a day after the reset its becoming hard to test.
Thanks for reading.

The fires being turned on is a bug, if you’ve noticed, every single fire was turned on and you can’t interact with items that have storage in then (Campfire, furnace, storage boxes, etc.)

Regardless I’d still only need one fire to cook enough food for myself and then another to light up my front door.

You can destroy them by hitting them a few times with a pick axe.

who wants to go round picking all of the campfires on the server though, sounds like a chore.
There are literally thousands, fortunately the server has gone down so we should see a fix.

Pokey, some houses are big and need several fires.

You realize the game is in Pre-Alpha, right?
Wait until the game is stable FPSwise if that’s your problem. Otherwise, it would be silly if there was a limit.