A list of changes i want to see

Im going to lay this out nice and clear

  • Stability is a major issue. Its unclear how it works (or why it dosent work). We need to have a clear guide on what causes stability to drop and by how much.

  • We need more building options. Right now rust bases are square, plain, generic and boring. Let us paint walls, give us more building options like a circle, right angle triangle and triangle half blocks.

  • Fix the goddamn AI. Animals are so broken and this ruins pve which needs to play a bigger role in rust

  • Add more animals. Give us lions/tigers in the grasslands, polar bears in the snow and snakes/kangaroos in the desert

  • Add flares. Its a handy scouting/team tool for night, will make it more interesting

  • Make maps bigger. Make maps too big to be able to see it all within 2 days. Keep it interesting and mysterious, making it feel like a real exploration. Not knowing what to expect is a nice feeling

  • Show all weapons/tools that a person has in their toolbar. This will DRASTICALLY slow down the kill on sight issue of rust, we will know who is safe and who isnt

Thats all for now.

I agree with most of your points. But your tone is a little, ah… entitled/demanding/conceited.

How the hell are 5 people voting this down?

You could improve your choice of words, “I want” makes you sound egoistic. Others might want other stuff.

The points you made were all discussed before but they are very important to me aswell and probably to most of the player base.
Those are the important points for me:

i can agree to that. I love building creative houses and the options right now are limited.

I understand why people want this but I really don’t think it would work. People sometimes carry 2-4 guns in their hot bar and sometimes even more after looting people. Also would you display things like spears? There are so many things that would just make this system weird in my opinion.

If there were only so many spots on a person that displayed weapons, it would be possible to give priority on which weapons were displayed on those spots. Got a BAR and a bow? BAR gets displayed on the back…

If it’s more than one BAR, I don’t think it would need to display all of them, since at least one is displayed.

Agree with everything :slight_smile:

that said, you can just have those BAR’s all in the one place with a slight offset on each model ie a stack of rifles :wink:

OP, i think most of the negative response is based on the tone of your post; there are no disagrees, just dumbs.

I agree with this. I would have written in a less demanding way, but basically, yes, rust needs it. Not only this, but other stuff too. Like electricity and decoration ( yes - its survival. but its human to make the “best” out of what you have, including the feeling of an actual “home”).

BUT - its still alpha. I bet that many many things will come into the game, including awesome struktures, good AI, a realistic stability system etc etc.

edit can someone please tell me why i still can’t vote on posts? Whats the required number of posts that i need? I don’t see a rating button somewhere and i am starting to think something is bugged for me.

(as i understand it, the cap is 50 posts, then you can vote posts.)