A list of requests

hey i new here! (FIRZT MESAGE BIA"|"CH)
hope to have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:
that a list of few requests
•glados robot fighters or something i need it for a movie they finished with the combines now GLaDOS is attacking blah blah blah… (robots and aperature workers that been controld by GLaDOS •ENEMYS•)
•i need russian soldiers as npc that for the movie too (russian hellicopters, soldiers,tanks and all as NPCs)
•israeli soldiers (Friendly NPCs tanks planes and all)
•USA base
•some russian base
•some israeli desert base
•destroyd city (giant map red smokie sky)
THAT IT THANK U ALL!!! :slight_smile:

You better get started, thats a big list you got there.

if somone can make these i will be thankful!
and he will get credit in my movie!

Half of that stuff is on Gmod.org

even if anyone would ACTUALLY CONSIDER this, be a bit more specific on the maps

I doubt someone would want to make a map for a film made with NPCs.