A listen server for me AND friends to play through the internet: Ports?

Can anyone list me the ports i need to get my friends to play my listen server online?

I am connected to a router, and i need to know the ports that i need forwarding.
Something about TCP: 2700-27039 or something.
Or is it TCP/UPD?

Type “status” into your console and you will see the port.

It’s UDP

I think only do tcp if you want admins to be able to do rcon from outside your lan.

Otherwise just udp works, though i do both incase i ever go somewhere on a trip or something and want to play and use rcon.

Maybe you should read the section dedicated to servers. That would have led you to this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=817853


He said listen server.