A (literal) tiger

Indeed, a tiger model in Garry’s Mod. The usual Bengal Tiger will do, to be honest. I just had some idea for a pose involving a tiger on the loose.


Personally, I think the rarer "White’ Bengal Tiger looks better.

Indeed. Perhaps two skins?

white, black, and maltese versions too, this request made me think of of my zodiac sign: the fire tiger. not sure why

I could’ve sworn I saw a tiger model somewhere, or somebody was working on one.

Friggin’ Russian Tigers.

No, there’s White Bengal tigers…

On an unrelated note, anyone try posing with the Dinohunters Mammoth ragdoll (Don’t. Too much hassle to freeze, because it spazzes out.)


Found that. Its a free model?

Yes it is, but I don’t have a compatible program for it.

Ah i see.

Its for Max, right? I can export it to something for you? I have Max 2010.

DO EET. Unless someone has anything wrong with it.

What format would you like? I also have Milkshape, which adds heaps more formats.

To be honest…I have no clue. Pretty much, anything that would be easy and straightforward to get into Garry’s Mod.

I’m not at all familiar with modeling, so a lot of this is foreign to me.

Ah ok. I will do what i said in the PM.

There are tigers in that tomb raider game that can be ripped from.

Got it in Max if anyone wants to rig it.