A little bit more on the map

Hey guys,

When I started playing Rust I had a bit of an issue trying to meet up with friends and trying to explain where I was using only the map (I’m personally not a fan of grids), so I quickly (and poorly :P) edited the map to throw some names on landmarks and a little compass in there.
Hopefully this is of some use to someone!


There’s a lot more of the map that spawns stuff. Here is one that shows pretty much all of the area that has spawns in it and more.


And near crescent pass on the PvE server, you can see my 100 or so story tower :smiley:

Nice names, and it seems I live closely by Hangar 18. It’s like my home town down there.

Oh, and jonnymad, is that your castle on top of crescent pass? Looks amazing.