A little constucting help

So i’m having a few problems with making a few things that shouldn’t be too complicated. I’m quite nooby but please bear with me.

  1. In my constant attempt to make a cannon, i don’t seem to have enough force pushing my desired object out. So i need a “supercharged” forcer

I used a wire-forcer and hooked it up to a button, and i’d have to spam the button for said object to come out. (Even when it does come out it has little to no distance).

  1. An explosive that explodes-on-impact. I made a catapult and i don’t like igniting barrels and watching them explode in midair. And with PHX explosives, they never explode on impact. I’d also like the same result with a missile for example so i can thruster it and it goes boom.

Thank you for your time =)

I think you’re wrong here. Sorry.

This is the LUA section.
So you have to ask which help you need with lua, not wire/phx…

Or did I misunderstood you?

@_@ my bad
i had a bunch of tabs open and i got the wrong one =(

Yeah no problem…you’re just a human :smiley:

Good luck building your construction.