a little help for a newbie?

so i got gm on sunday and so far i love it. i tried to install add-ons and some have worked, others not so much. i need a little help on what i’m doing wrong. so take the adv duplicator for example, i installed it, and i can’t make it work. how might i do this? and if someone could leave a link to the wac add-on thingamajig that’d be great. thx for replying

Hard to tell what’s wrong unless you’re giving us error messages from your console or telling how and where you installed your addons.

i installed the adv duplicator in data because i was told to do so. not sure if that’s right. and a few of my lua objects are not spawning. error w/ lua.

You put Adv. Duplicator in addons, not data.

oh k i’ll try real quick. i’m also having some problems w/ WAC helicopters. they only spawn as incomplete models.