A little help for all of you who don't exactly know their way around yet....

Click this link http://adf.ly/b6hNb AND THIS LINK FOR MORE HELP ON FINDING YOUR FRIENDS http://adf.ly/b6iXI
It gives you all fan-made maps that are fairly accurate for the time being, until they release their own map

I really hope this helps you guys who don’t know your way around yet :slight_smile:

Sorry if you already knew about it but please don’t hate on me for that! Sorry for the ad fly too

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Stop trying to make money with adfly.


Christ, this should be blocked and have instaban

just link the thing normally

stfu man it’s called MUTUALISM, learn it. You would do the same.

Any one who has clicked on that link is a god dam idiot. Comon, I wonder why he isnt gone yet!

So flag the OP as spam if you’re so concerned.