A little help with making my server puplic.

I’ve been trying to get my dedicated Gmod server to work for some time now.
It is all set up, but nobody can join it.
I have tried to make my friends join by connect <ipadress:27016> in console, and by getting invited/joining me.

The router page I go to, to forward ports, is different than my server’s IP adress. The server’s IP adress ends with .50, while the page I go to, to portforward ends with .1.
Every website that I go to, to see if my ports are open, uses my external IP adress, which I to be honest, have no clue what to do with.

My router is a Cisco Linksys E1200.

Thanks for any help, in advance. :slight_smile:

Quick question; Can I see my own server on the masters list?

(Sorry for my English)

Henrik Andersen

If the port’s are not working and the dedicated server is on YOUR internet you will be able to see it on the master list even if the ports are not fowarded. When it is everyone will able to see it in the servers list. Lets say I have two machines the first one is and the second one is Ill port foward 27015 or 27016 to The machine I want it too. So the first machine Is the one I want so it gos to If you want to find your Internal IP. If you’re on windows open start then find CMD and open it. and type ipconfig

Sorry, but my problem is still there.

I have no idea what to do.


Can you take a screenshot of your router page with the ports on



You are port forward single ports. Port forward ranges, from 27000 to 27030. And remove those two single port forwards. And replace 4380 with 4379 maybe?

What port is the server running on? If it’s on 27016 that’s not being unblocked. I’m not sure what the difference is between internal port and external port but they should probably both be the same

Thanks guys, I’ll try it when I get home from my trip.