A little help with shapes

I am currantly trying to make a big cargo ship for a TF2 map i’m making.

sure, sounds simple, but i’ve been trying for about 2 hours now, and i have no idea on how to achieve the shape of the main hull

I’ve been trying to model it like this one :

however, no matter the amount of split vertices or anything, the best i can come up with is a giant invalid solid

can anyone help me?

Hmm, i think Otsukin could help you here

Model the hull.

If you must do it as brushwork, make several vertical layers.
I am gonna go for a walk and will show you how to do it as brushes when I get back.

Holy shit that ship you want to create for your map is fairly, well, large, you would be better off doing this as a model, I’m sure there’s a nice model floating around somewhere on the internet, if not, give 3DS Max a go, get the trial, it’s fairly easy to learn, if you want to do the exterior and no interior of the ship it could be ok.

i would suggest to cut the model in several pieces, so if it will be a moving one (prop_dynamic or physics) the lighting wont look too funny if it would be as one, massive model.’

and you can make it destroyable! :v:

(if you make it in bits, that is)

Actually, I just figured out I never bothered fixing the update issue with hammer, so I don’t have a grid and half my 3d view is gone :confused:

still, modelling the front part especially is hard.

and don’t get me started on the Vertex manipulation tool

Don’t say I never help out around here:




Quick revision: http://uploads.mystworks.net/1274398112_boathull.vmf

how many brushes you used in that?



And I think I’m done with making complex shapes in Hammer…
I struggled at times trying to get my head around it (be it that I was quite baked).


thanks a lot, it’l be put to good use.