A little help?

Okay, my lovely people, I am unsure if you can assist me with my uhhh problems. Let me explain, Recently I went on Xenon and bought a server for my use, and with the help of a friend we have managed to add a point shop system and even added some traitor weapons using filezilla and what not, well more or less he was doing the work, but we are working on getting some player models and it kept showing up as the giant red error signs also some of the characters have changed color for example green, blue, brown, very odd. In any case we would very much like if we had someone to “show us the ropes” so to speak. I am relatively sure well at least I can’t be talked through, if you wanna come see our progress the server is “Rapture banes hideout” and my skype is saxicoious (when you’ve seen the batman picture you know you found the right person.)

  1. Does your host come with a webhost? If yes, use FastDL. If no, use WorkshopDL. Also, make sure the models are in your server’s directories.
  2. Put ttt_playercolor_mode 0 in your server.cfg. Make sure exec server.cfg is in your autoexec.cfg.

Uhhhhh I wish he was here rather me, I am not very good at this, shit I don’t even know what a webhost is. I just feel like payn someone t help me out, I cant understand any of this mumbo jumbo.

Read your Xenon hosting plan; if it included a website or some sort of webhosting service that can store files, then you can use FastDL.

Dumb question, but where would I find the hosting plan? Like I said I am not the brightest, I usually need a walk through of some sort to figure anything out.
Ah I believe you need to buy one. http://www.xenonservers.com/web-hosting

I know nothing about Xenon. Ask support.

Hnnnnnnng, They weren’t very helpful.

If their own support can’t even see what plan you bought or tell you how to find it, then you may want to switch to a more competent host.

Xenon has great support actually.

Your server doesn’t come with webhosting, it’s an extra 5$ but they do automatically mirror your gameserver to a webserver, ask them what your FastDL url is and they will tell you, after that, set your download url to the one they provided, they will most likely tell you how to do that as well, they’re pretty user friendly.

Rainbow dash help me.

The issue is that you went xenon, switch before it’s too late.

He told you what to do already.