A little "niggle" that's been around since slow-speed noclipping

I’m sure that this isn’t a very high priority on the things-to-fix list, but I just wanted to make sure that it was known.

I’ve noticed that, ever since the ability was introduced where we could noclip at slower speeds by holding the crouch button, that if the player is noclipped just right above an object or the ground, that your view will actually “crouch” in mid air, before you continue moving.

This obviously doesn’t affect your world position (so no glitching through the ground), although if you’re working on a project that requires very small movements, this can get a little annoying, with your view bobbing down suddenly, when you only intended to move forward slowly.

Has anyone else noticed this? Any intention on it being fixed?

Yes, this is a glaring problem with Garrysmod. I’ve experienced it several times and it’s very annoying, especially if you’re working very close to small objects. I wish Garry would fix it, but I’m betting he has no intention to.

Yes this was really annoying back in the day when I built things.
Post it in the Niggles V2 thread.

V2!? On my way.

I have a feeling it’s something to do with the player’s hull