A little painting during smelting downtime....

I get really bored while smelting crap, and if I don’t want to go harvest more, I put my “meh” artistic skills to use. Threw these up on my base yesterday, and will probably end up covering all my walls with some lol.

UPDATE : Someone decided to be a d*ck last night and destroyed my Metroid painting. Either that, or it just vanished on it’s own…but my money is on griefers. Guess I have to redo that one.



Lol nice

and,…as of this moment, all of my paintings were destroyed by the Korean Clan [CB] - watched them do it. Didn’t even bother trying to raid my house…yay griefing. So, anyone on NEW YORK 1 - I will happily donate c4 to their destruction.

Guess I can’t do any more public art exhibits lol.

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BUT…it’s not going to bring me down…one more metroid inspired piece…let’s see how long until those bastards destroy it


Crap, I’m so jealous of you. I can’t even write words on a sign without it looking like a 4 year old found some crayons.

They should allow you to sell or give your drawing to other. I’d pay you to paint things for my base. :godzing: