A little problem, help?

Hi, let me just start by saying i’m not expecting help with this issue, but if anyone has a tip or some tricks to fix this that would be really cool. :smile:

Basically when i load the website everything works, When i click play game the game loads up and downloads the files no problem at all. Although the files are downloaded very fast, the game seems to not proceed past "connecting to server". After about two minutes it says "disconnected" along with "-117 :-117" in the center of the game window. Let me finish this brief by saying i have played the game problem free in the past!
(if anyone needs screenshots for analysis i can post some pictures asap)

Thank you to anyone who gives tips and i hope your all enjoying the game as much as i am (was).

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title/there's other threads about this already" - postal))

I just got the same problem? please fix this facepunch.

Servers been bugged for the past 8 hours or so. Just wait on Garry to fix it.

there are like 3 of us online.

thanks for posting the same thread as 50 others. next time read

Read? really well if there was 50 posts about this problem i think i would have spotted it.
thanks for being an asshole about it though, not like i did much on you.