A little problem in my gamemode...

Each time I load my gamemode the screen is BLACK. When I press “ESc” I can see my character and weapon. But the screen is just black. I can see the hud,menus,chat box just not the ground etc… Don’t say its my Graphic card its not. Its the gamemode itself.

Any errors? If not, could you tell us what you think MIGHT be causing it to go black…?

well maybe the cl_init or init.lua -.- . If I need to post it ill send it to someone, I don’t want to post my gamemode INIT.lua and cl_init.lua here

You don’t need to. We just wanted to know if the gamemode is printing out any errors on you console. Their usually printed in blue or yellow text.

I think I found the problem

in my cl_buymenu I entered the wrong code. Im not sure but I think this is the problem

local bDrawRect = true;
local function DrawBlack()
	if( bDrawRect )then
		draw.RoundedBox( 4, 0, 0, surface.ScreenWidth(), surface.ScreenHeight(), Color( 0, 0, 0, 255 ) );
hook.Add( "HUDPaint", "HUD_TEST", DrawBlack );

That looks like it is probably doing it.

yep it is! Thank you facepunch for your help