A little problem in the console

hi, in my server im getting this error in the console, i dont really know what this is, for be honest i dont thinkg this is a big deal but maybe u guys have a solution for this.
when i change the map in my server i get this after the map its loaded:

GLib.Loader : Received manifest (2 pack files).
GLib.Loader : Running pack file “GLib”, deserialization took 297.67 ms (229 total files, 807.08 KiB).
GLib.Loader : Running pack file “GLibAddons”, deserialization took 7.83 µs (0 total files, 16.00 B).

nothing more, just that, if u guys can help me will be just great.

anyways, have a wonderful day :smile:

Doesn’t look like an error to me, just some text output from the addon.

i mean, it says in the screen ‘‘Something is creating script errors’’ and when i check the console, there is this ‘‘error’’

That’s not the error. You are looking for a test starting with [ERROR], yellow or blue colored.

aaa, mmm well thats the only thing what appears in the console, maybe u know what this means?

you are not looking high enough in console. if you get that thing in the top left then there will ALWAYS be an error somewhere in your console at some point starting with [ERROR]