A little problem!

Okay, so this it the problem, everytime I enter into ANY server in Garry’s mod, I play 5 minutes, and then I’m getting crashed, a red sign says “Connection problem” with a timer near it appears on my screen, then I just get disconnected automaticly, as I try to enter the same server again, it says Im already logged in… everytime I crash, a note appears in the console, it says:“Client: 2 Active EHandles”, it says a different number of EHandles everytime I crash, and it’s getting REALY annoying, so, if you got any solutions, or just ideas how I can solve this problem, type em’ here please

Thank you for your time, Puff.

  1. My name isn’t Puff.

  2. Make the thread title more descriptive

  3. Try restarting your router, redownloading garrysmod, and making sure that all your laptops and consoles use a different IP address.

Try assigning a static IP to yourself, instead of one your router gives you.