A little Question

Can you get VAC banned for using LUA Cheats? cause I was messing around with a bit of code(For my gamemode), I had it in my Autorun/client/, then I joined a Gmod server totally forgetting I had it in there, it was bugged It showed everyones player names above there head, through walls I thought it was a problem with the server Until I went on SP and found out it was a bug with my LUA code.
Oh yeah, I don’t cheat at all, I hate people who cheat I just want to try make a game mode which works.
Thanks for your time ¬Nazir

LUA cheating is perfectly normal, VAC just bans you for modifying the exe in an illegal way. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Well it’s not perfectly normal, I hate all cheaters. I’m a very new LUA coder still learning the basic’s.

You cannot get banned for using Lua cheats and exploits. You can, however, get a ban for modifying the game’s .exe or trying to bypass ScriptEnforcer.

Ah, okay. thanks for clearing it out for me.

yea as long as you dont use dlls, any file injecting program, or changing the exes.