A little question...

Quick question: If I buy the garry’s mod + counter strike source package, will I be able to get characters from, say… Half life 2 or team fortress in garrys mod, or will I have to buy the sources of those games?

I’m asking because I want to have hl2 things like head crabs, but I don’t want to but hl2 source if I can help it…

Half Life 2 Yes, TF2 no.

So if I buy Garry’s mod with counter strike I get the hl2 things too? Thanks! :smiley:

TF2 is free to play now so you can get all the TF2 stuff as well.

Most maps (roleplay, and gmod pretty much = roleplay (or rdm)) require you to have Episode 2 to see the majority of the models… I’d buy that too… it’s only like $5

HL2 models, textures, and npcs come directly with Gmod. Plus, TF2 is F2P, so you get the textures, maps, and models from that. The same with any other non-mod that you get that has Source for the main engine.

Basically, you get a game, you get the stuff it has, not any other games stuff.