A little scenebuild form Buildgrass.

** Dinosaurs WOOO! **



Looks great.

I love how the croc looks so :smug:

The map is great for scenebuilding, isn’t it?

Where did you get that croc?

From Slow’s website, but someone else gave me the link, I couldn’t find it…



Here http://s-low.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=642

Crock looks great Nice work.

Very nice. Have a palette.

That is amazing.

Nice build.

I see no dinosaurs!

A T-Rex in the upper right, Duckbills on the beach with a Spinosaurus, a Utahraptor on the right beach/cliff being charged by a Croc.
lets call them prehistoric Crocs :smiley:


I almost forgot the Stegosaurus near the water…

Gotta look harder chesty!

Or you’ll end up like Muldoon in Jp…
goood times…

Crocodile get