A little something that came in to my mind today while i was "working". What you think?

I was thinking about the addition of Dinosaurs to the game if the Poll is taken seriously and i must say, it IS a game changer, but in a good way IMO. I started to look at Rust from another world point of view, a world where humanity has to survive against Dino’s and humans alike, not an earth like evolved society. This brings me to believe that removing high powered or "military’ weapons its a good deal, giving to players the option to only craft hand cannons and shotguns but adding a variety of weapons like spears and crossbows, just like other players mentioned in their posts. This will give a sensation to the game that you are basically an evolving caveman not so different from what is Rust now, wish imo its a good thing.

I imagine a world where there’s all type’s of society. Players going solo and surviving in the wild and hiding their home or others players joining forces to build towns that will have to hold dinosaurs pounding on their walls or humans with hand-made explosives, which is basically what players do now on Rust but this time a more Jurassic type of survival. The abandoned cities/towns made of wood or maybe metal, but destroyed by dinosaurs or raiding parties and plagued by the rotting corpses of their late owners. When i mean plagued is that the longer you stay the more sick you get, forcing the players to look for medicine or even the plants needed to make it them self’s. Don’t forget Dino’s nest’s, oh yeah, from the smallest to the biggest and making some more difficult than other but accessible to solo players if they hunt the place strategically.

Do you imagine a solo or a group of players luring a T-Rex or a pack of dinosaurs in to a guild or player base and use that to take him/them out? LOL i would hate if that happens to me but that would definitely be an epic way to die. Or coming back to the game and listen to heavy pounding as you pray to DinoGod that the Huge guy walking by your front door does not smell you and decides its dinner time.

This is just something that came to my mind while driving today and wanted to drop it here. Let me know what you guys think about this retarded idea. Excuse my spelling, grammar or whatever the grammar police may find offensive to them.

hahaha after playing nether and rust, lately ive been thinking about a “Jurassic Park” survival game myself, but i dont think they would implement dinosaurs in Rust, maybe on a modded server in the future i think thats possible who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

check the poll that the Dev put up

Dinosaurs are wining

I think the poll is more like “do you prefer humanoid or non-humanoid/beasts/creatures NPCs?”. Non-humanoid are winning. I would like to see something like big mutated reptiles.

If they did not want zombies then they will not want dinosaurs… Stomping Lands is coming out with same premise as RUST but with dinosaurs

ahhh nice I will take a loot at that, thanks for the info. I still have my faith that the Dev will come up with something different.

Yeah, that would be really interesting. Like, once a server has been around for a week, a group of players start building a town. Once the town is established, it is used as a colony.

The dinosaurs could be like the Titans from AoT, and destroy multiple layers of walls!


Sadly i thought this game would be post apocalyptic and feature, metro or stalker like aspects. Like mutated creatures that could overwhelm the player, with handcraft guns and clothes. Places sprawled with radiation including swamps and dense foliage. As well as water being corrupted so in need pf players thist they will have to purify the water.

not really a fan of adding dinosaurs but still much better than zombies if they’ll get added then im just hoping that there’ll be plenty of them and they’ll become serious threat forcing you to consider joining a group in order to survive

“Forcing” a player to do anything is against the whole logic of the game in first place.
And no one should be forced to play with people they don’t know.

Why do people treat internet forums like their diary? This post adds nothing to nothing, it’s some random person’s thoughts that probably should have never left their head.

I am so sorry!! i missed the part where i cant give my idea of a game that the whole purpose of playing right now is to provide feedbacks and ideas to help with development.
I am soooooo sorry, let me write that down. There, i started a diary about ny rust life .