A little Suggestion

Add a new kind of zombie, ubiquitously existed in the nature, walking slow and passive for people who didn’t attack him(but would be acceleration for attackers and people which have smell blood)
It has regeneration ability(against some one exchange life into loots), high HP(cannot beat with 2 clips of normal-shotgun shells), anti-headshot and less loots(only less clothes and foods)

A player, kills 5 different accounts of other players one day(in the game), world have blood smells to attract the new zombie, my suggested.
They still can beat them, but less loots make it unworthy for killing too many people in one day.

Reinforce zombie which in the loot area, at least 3 headshots.(Reinforce anti-headshot)
It still can be defeated by normal rock (unarmed player).
Hope this makes armed people hard for accumulate loots.

sorry about my poor English, some one help me improve it better:

Here are some ideas to balance out banditry in the game.

  1. Give bandits a debuff (which could be call"scent of blood") if they kill certain amount of people in 24 hrs( game time).
  2. Add some new zombie variants which are usually passive toward normal players but will actively hunt down those who have scent of blood on them.
  3. These new zombies could be tougher than common zombies but drop less valuable items.

i also have a suggestion i think to give people more to worry about other than raiding the weaker players there could be a zombie horde that moves around the entire playable area of the map and breaks doors, storage boxes, fire pits. furnaces, and players. The horde should also be slightly faster than the players this way its not just players moving from one side of the map to the other raiding. they will have a threat to their own house no matter how large of a group they are with.

This is cool and all, but what about the poor bastard who has to kill a few bandits in self-defence?

Like I said, if they set 5 different accounts of players in 24 hr(game time),
then you shouldn’t kill over 5 different accounts of players in 24 hr(game time).
Or you would attract the new kind of zombie, which we suggested.

Really good idea, but I find it complicated.

How is this gonna balance anything? Even if you deffend your own house, and kill people, you would still get this scent debuff or whatever you call it.

Zombies are getting removed so no need to talk about new zombie ideas.

For Example, they set “10” different accounts of players for kill limits.
Then you kills 10 different players for the defense you called.
I think 1. you may in a privacy server, they have 1/10 people in this Server
2. you just take defend for your excuse
Sad about this news,
it means this game really turn into Counter Strike,
not survival game.
People have heavy armed owned this game.
Poor naked rookie only owns bullets.
If they did that, I rather play normal FPS game.
At least, I won’t collect resource like an idiot in this game

It isn’t dumb, zombies are just overrated, and you haven’t noticed that.
Start playing games like metro 2033, STALKER, instead of COD zombies, Dayz, etc.
They’re mainly implementing better and more interesting creatures, in which no one knows about. Instead of having lifeless, poor AI, boring looking zombies.

No, I mean if they really try to remove zombie.
This game gonna be a fully PVP game.
Then why I spend time on Rust if it becomes fully PVP game,
I rather play Counter Strike. At least you don’t need too much time on collect resource.

I just suggest Rust team should add a zombie as punishment for people,
who always slaughter naked rookie.
That’s what I exactly mean.