A little texture help

Following Mariokart’s porting tutorial, I’ve started porting psp models. Everything is going fine except for the fact that the lighting really shows off the psp model’s low polys. Are there any texture settings or anything else I could do to make this nicer looking? What I’d like to shoot for is the “Flat” view I’m using in 3ds max.



Ya need to apply smoothing groups that’s just showing a preview of all the polys smooth maya has the same sort of option.

I think you need to smooth it (which isn’t a texture issue as far as I know, though I don’t know how to do this myself) but we were given some advice earlier when we were porting stuff on the Pokemon porting thread:

Don’t know if that would be any help to you :S

Awesome stuff, man. Tried it out and went off without a hitch!

In-Game again

Thanks for the quick help!

Np, glad I could help :smiley: but you should really thank Chris_Redfield for the advice :slight_smile: