A locomotive

I haven’t built anything serious for a while so I decided to build a fun little train.







Works pretty much on any map with rails and it has lots of (applyforce) power.

Top speed on crappy gmod rails: 15mph. :v:

No really how much speed you gettin’? Looks nice, I like it.

I can get it up to 278 kph on a long straight track but about 40 in curves.

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also thanks :buddy:

That wheel powered? don’t think so… unless your gmgod…

It looks great though^^


Thanks :smile:

booh mr locomotive doesnt get enough attention


I love you Mr Locomotive<3

Came in her expecting elitist quite-detailed American steam/diesel trains as usual.

Was actually surprised and said “That’s kinda cool”.

My trains aren’t enterable (because I can’t do interiors for shit) but can speed around pretty much any map (botmap is a bit of an exception here because the fail ramp would make the train jump off the track if I went at a higher speed. But it can get over that too)

Heh. :v: Dunno if that was intentional but I lol’d

Thanks, I rarely build those massive diesel-electric locomotives because smaller ones work better in most maps.

Fuck, oh well.

Have you seen my trains?

The wheels don’t move but I can add more fake wheels for the hell of it.

No I haven’t seen your trains yet

How so?!

You should join the GRW server next time you see me on there, I’d show you a couple of trains.

They’re not as…‘pretty’, because I’m not about detail. :v:

You can’t be. You’re on Vista

I see what you did there you sneaky bastard :v:

But I’m quite shit when it comes to extreme detail, so I just plot a few things here and there.