a log addon


i’m looking for a addon that would log the complete console as in
death’s + killer
spawned props

i think that’s what usualy is in the console (might have missed something tough)

so far the best thing i’ve seen is : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=94496
but it requires a mysql and i’d rather have one that just saves it to a file in the data folder?? or any other place to access it without having to use XXX extra things for a simple gmod server.

could anyone make this or has anyone seen something like it?
i already searched gmod.org and the the release threat here but no real luck.

Thanks in advance


ehm what?

Hes wrong, he didn’t read your thread.

i need some think like this to

If you run DarkRP, stop searching. It has one.

log on
is the command to enable logging to the /logs folder (by default), use the Lua function: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=G.ServerLog

I made a chat log and kills/death log some days ago. Displaying date and time and you can clear the logs.

can you share it ?

Yeah I can.

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I guess you need it for a gamemode:

thanks alot :3 and sorry for the late reply pc died
and i’m not running dark rp

the log on thing is it for dark rp or general gamemode?

and presious thanks alot awesome mate!

No problem.

Its a command that will work with any gamemode, put it in your server.cfg

Yeah, put in server.cfg

that’s f*****g sweet! thanks :smiley:

finaly got around to try it, the log 1 only seems to log who connected / disconnected nothing like chat / spawned stuff or anything else really.

and the RP rip script din’t really work either… anyone has some other ideas?

:stuck_out_tongue: or did i miss a setting or something?