A London police officer patrols alley


Going to be released very soon, people.

'ello 'ello 'ello

Somebody’s gonna get busted for littering.

don’t joke about that man, that’s worth a whole five seconds in a jail cell

This is great.

Wow! Can’t wait for this release, just need the panda cars now!

Also needs the custodian/bobby helmet in the model.

Needs more [sp]disadvantaged 17-year-olds with ASBOs and knives. Preferably saying “Bruv, that’s, like, a fed, innit fam” every five minutes.[/sp]

True story.

No. That “meme” is terrible.

I didn’t intend to use ‘True story’ in its memetic form. I used those two words only to confirm what I was saying was authentic (Which it is).

Nice model on the picture!

What about guys with he tall hats?

See my comment above, its a custodian helmet.

fuckin dibble on patrol dun kno

d’aww, I was hoping for a bobby helmet.

Oi laddie, you gonna get a noice wakin from may.

Ey bruv, it’s like a fed, innit.

I’m not seeing any fires.