A lone and peacefull flat in a post apocalyptic world

The Original Image was made by Chesty McGee I only edited it.
Since this doesnt get any critism in the EmST I post it here.
Please C&C on the lighting and all that stuff.


aah yeah and original:
[img_thumb] http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_atomic0001141.jpg[/img_thumb]

Looks really, really yellow.

Like the occlusion on bottles/chair.

Well I tought yellow = peacefull.

Looks very good

Thanks :buddy:

Yellow is a colour of hot.

Not peaceful.

If you wanted peaceful, you would of given it a blue tint.

Alright thanks.

yellow can be peaceful

and it is in this image.

Thanks :buddy:

very good pic
may i ask that you make more pics like this?


it just looks really good and id like to see more pics like this

Well im doing a lot of lighting/shading tests lately so, yeah there willl be more pictures like this.

how is yellow in the least bit peaceful?

I can see flowers and forestry shit maybe, but a post-apocalyptic setting? no.

I have a little malfunction what affects colours so I didnt even know I picked yellow or whats the meaning of the colours.
Sorry if they are fucked :frown:

I’ve seen something similar from Chesty I think. Light is very moody, perhaps a bit to yellow.
Good prop placement. Not to much, not to little.

Good work.

It’s chesty’s pic. He just edited it.

Read the OP :buddy:

Aye. Sorry about that:doh:

Note to self. Read the op.

I think you may have missed something… there’s no rope. The guy is supposed to have hung himself, yeah? Miiight want to look into that, but it could be just me.

Edit: Where are my manners? Other than the aforementioned noose-less suicide guy, you an’ Chesty’ve done a pretty damn good job.