A Lone Beacon(Interactive Comic)

Okay, here is my very much unannounced attempt to make an interactive comic. I wanted one that was more action than the others I have yet seen. So here I go…please take care not to notice how I kept forgetting to make borders on the narrative boxes.






Decisions are as aforementioned:

A: Run
B: Shoot the thing
C: Attempt to communicate

EDIT: They pictures seem blurry…


and wtf is that thing?


What do you mean, “thing”? There’s a rebel, a handgun, six bullets, and a zombie steadily shambling towards the rebel.


C B and A

And make a nice side character, Named me :V Giggity…

Find 2 side characters that are badass and kick plenty of Ass. Named Squeeky, and Uber xD

And do C, B and then A

CBA is all ya need


Yay, more boringness. I want to move this along a little faster.



Choices are:

A. Run
B: Shoot it

the zombie timerolls you.

C: Write memos (LIKE A BAWSS)

A. Save your ammo.

And is that a Sig P210?

Serious replies, please…

No. Actually, it’s an M1911.

A then search the body metal gear 4 style you might get a ration.

Oh well. One of the looks made it seem like a skin I downloaded.

Shoot it!!

B Then search the body…

B. Shoot it a new face.