A lone gunman holds up a bank

Behold. My first shading test.



It appears that nobody cares that a man with a measly hand gun holds up a bank.

There’s two explanations for the guy on the left. One is that he’s trying to stay low and creep away. The other is that perhaps there’s not many people in the bank, and he didn’t really notice the robber (and since the picture is clearly from the moment he pulled the trigger, maybe the sound hadn’t gotten to him in this frame).

The posing seems okay, but the smoke is wierd.

is it a revolver??

Who needs emotion these days, lets just do things with a blank face.

The terrorist models from CSS aren’t faceposable. That’s like yelling at a disabled person for not being able to walk.

then don’t use the model

then don’t let the disabled person have a wheelchair

I’m sorry, but it’s just an awful angle to use for everything but the gunman. Hell, you had to tell me this was a bank hold up for me to understand the scene.
For all I know, maybe some random man just hates the look of that ceiling and so he shot it.

And yes, don’t sacrifice faceposability for a good looking model.

i agree angle is pretty bad posing is ok and edit is too but the man at the left is just walking by?

People use terroist models all the time and I don’t hear any complaints.

I wish for once I could post without getting spammed up by stupidity from people like Darma.