A Lone Medic Wandering Through a Forest

Yeah, nothing that specialy here, just trying out my Highlighting and Shading (Thanks Chesty) ;D




** Without Black Bars**


Yeah C&C and all that Jazz
Please leave a comment when you look at it :buddy:

Oh yeah, its a Scene build also… Can provide another angle

The black bars of doom strike!!! Remove them or just crop it would ya?

It looks like the medic is fearing that he may be crushed by them too.

I don’t get whats the big problem with them, I mean I use them so that my pictures will fit as a solid picture on my desktop instead of having Windows put that butt-ugly frame around it, but if it is nessicary (Typo) and yeah, I COULD but thats a lot of effort on my behalf…I guess I will

He’s gonna die a horrible death, I take it.

Pics not loading for me :eng99:

filsmelt is down