A lone ODST enters a building (Generic title)

C&C appreciated.

Posing is good, although the lighting can be improved. It’s a tad empty too.

I know it’s empty, but I don’t think any other props are needed. The focus is that one ODST, not 5 ODSTs. About the lighting, it looks a lot better in-game. I forgot to take the screenshot with FRAPS and instead took it with the crappy steam screen capture. How can I improve the lighting so it’s better next time?

Firstly, don’t use STEAM nor FRAPS, use the in-game camera. Zoom with it (Hold right mouse button and drag forward to focus more.)
Lighting, use several sources of light to make it more atmospheric. For example, one normal lamp coming from the behind and a second lamp with light-blue-ish color (Or red for that matter, hell, even orange.) from one of the sides.

Like this:


We all have our different techniques so if you want to see some real expert lighting take a look at Pvt.Jenkins or Ninjanubs pictures.

Yeah, I know about all that, here’s one of my other ones.

So, what’s the diference with taking the picture with the in-game camera?

I also couldn’t really add any lights facing him from the back, because they lit up the inside of the room.

the in-game camera produces better quality pictures iirc

Run the game in fullscreen/windowed/noborders mode, lmao, just zoom in, sdof, turn off the sdof hud, and use printscreen, that’s the highest quality pics you can get, with the ingame camera there’ll always be some loss of quality, and fraps tga pictures take a fuckton of space.


or just use devshots_screenshot for a lossless TGA lol

that works as well, but i prefer the fullscreen/window/noborder thingy

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