A lone Rebel soldier walking through a forest of Endor.

This is my first time posting a picture I have made even though I have been playing it since Gmod 9 came out. All effects are in-game and all the scenery is mode from Episode 2 and Day of Defeat: Source. The map is Flatgrass if you are wondering. Also, I realize that the uniform is not the correct one but I am pretty sure that no one has ported the Endor uniforms over yet.

The posing is fine, something just seems…off

I don’t know why, but I like you. So instead of ranting you out I’m actually gonna give you some criticism.

  1. Definitely needs finger posing, work on that.
  2. Use superdof instead of simple dof.
  3. You could try to add more focus to the soldier by zooming in with the camera.
  4. Play around with lights and lamps.
  5. A good scene build for a first, but still needs some work.
  6. Turn screenshot quality to 100% in the Q menu.

That’s all I can think of that you should start of with as a beginner :slight_smile:
Best of luck to you, and keep posing.

Basically what Radly said

He looks more like hes just standing there. Also, what Radley said.

Now that you mention it the tree on the left looks like it raised off the ground for some reason. I must have hit it with my physgun or something. Thanks for commenting!

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Thank you for the pointers! Next time I make a pose I will have to try some or all of those recommendations.

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Ya you are right. I will have to work on that next time I make a pose. Oh, and thank you!

I think the tree behind him is floating, or maybe it’s just me.

I am pretty sure you are correct. It could just be an optical illusion but I am pretty sure it got bumped or something in the process of taking the picture.

Accepting criticism goes far, most of the problems have been covered, I would like to say maybe mess around with the ingame bloom and color mod ( there is a tutorial in stickied thread ). And always make sure to max out your graphics in the option menus.

Thank you for actually accepting criticism instead of flipping shit.

Do as the guys above me said and you should be fine here.