A lone S.T.A.L.K.E.R. finished his enemy



finishing*, spelling mistake in the title.

Pretty cool. I like the smoky flash. It kinda looks like he’s missing though.

Owned haha nice picture almost realistic.

I like everything except for the rain :confused:

I agree. The rain on the foreground is too visible, and the rain on the background isn’t visible enough.

It looks like he’s shooting the ground


The ground is his enemy

:c your shooting me

but clear sky is a good game
and you’re shooting her asshole
nice pose and editing

Leave my asshole alone >_>

Oh, then you’re a girl.

I spy an emitter?


It hides pretty well, though.

Nice picture, agreed on the rain though. Muzzle flash is cool, and the use of the emitter is hidden well.